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About Me

Jan Miller is an unpublished writer. He lives in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. His wife, Teresa, is a nurse practitioner in psychiatry. 

This is Jan's blog. He uses the pen name, Douglas Jan. He writes literary fiction, novels and short stories that deal primarily with human weakness and failing. He's written one full length novel: Stern Agony, and is working on his second and third: Yet a Few Days; and Scope. You can read brief excerpts here. All Jan's offerings can be read by clicking on them to the right of the title page. 

The dog the background picture for the blogsite is "Jones", the dog mentioned in the prologue of Yet a Few Days. You can read it here.

Jan was a trial lawyer in his own law firm when he went suddenly and completely deaf in 2010. His short journey from dizzy deafness to writer is related in the title piece: Sentence to Write, which you are encouraged to read. Today, he uses bilateral cochlear implants. He took up the writing craft in 2013 and has been writing and studying the craft daily, since. 

Jan enjoys discussing controversial topics, and you're encouraged to comment, and offer your concurring or dissenting opinions

All transformation begins with a conversation and nothing changes without controversy. First, we need to have those conversations with ourselves, challenge them, then share them with other open minds.

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