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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Problem with Religion

This is the world's number one problem, and it’s not Climate Change or Terrorism or Hillary Clinton-- it’s organized religion. Radical Islamic fundamentalism, like Christianity in the Middle Ages, is demonstrating once again why religious fundamentalism remains both the most egregious form of human thinking ever devised, and the most difficult to eradicate. Religiosity is not faith, but rather faithlessness. 

Trained religious beliefs are nothing more than opinionated dogma, wherein one becomes emotionally engaged with mantra and ends up "believing in belief". Organized religion in all forms, Christian and Muslim, must be afforded no respect. If we can somehow endeavor to turn away from religion and instead toward each other, perhaps then we will find our God. 

I agree with the philosophy attributed to Jesus in the gospels---you find God in the suffering of others. "When you do it to the least of mine, you do it to me." 

Don't go to church and support organized superstition; instead, spend that time lending someone a hand.

It's easy to receive; everyone wants to receive; but it's in the "giving" we find the tougher duty. 


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